11 Ideas To Stage Your House Yourself

Leah Guerra
Published on March 9, 2017

11 Ideas To Stage Your House Yourself


You’ve decided to sell your home and you are getting ready to put it on the market, but hiring a professional stager is not in the budget.  What can you do to “stage” your home for sale?

  1. Declutter ruthlessly.  You are moving anyway, so start packing.  Aim to have half-empty closets and bookshelves.  You want prospective homebuyers to think how much storage space you DO have, not how much storage space you DON’T have.  As a side benefit-donate or sell anything that you don’t need or want anymore.  It will make your move easier to tackle it now.
  2. Remove extraneous furniture.  Buyers should be able to walk through a room with ease.
  3. Remove personal displays-collections, trophies, family photographs, religious objects, provocative art, etc.  Even if it doesn’t offend, it can distract potential homebuyers from the task at hand—seeing if your home is a good fit for them and visualizing themselves in it.
  4. Fresh plants or flowers.  Adds life and color to a space in a way artificial plants do not.  I cannot keep a plant alive to save my LIFE, but I have inexpensive orchids and succulents all throughout my home and suggest the same to clients when staging to sell.  They last for weeks if not months.
  5. Fresh paint-paint inside and out if needed.  Inside should be a light neutral color like white or cream.
  6. Linens-Place new bed linens in all bedrooms and new white towels in the bathrooms.
  7. Curb Appeal/Outdoors-Think about your landscaping, garden, grass, flowers, etc.  The outdoors should look well kept and attractive.  You want prospective homebuyers’ initial impression to be positive.
  8. Fixate on Floors—Floors take up massive amounts of space and they need to look good.  Clean carpets, polish the wood, whatever you need to do to make them look in tip top shape.
  9. Deep cleaning.  Deep cleaning of the whole house should be undertaken-appliances, windows should be cleaned.  Inside and out.
  10. Light and bright-No one wants to live in a cave.  Make sure lightbulbs are all working and buy new ones if necessary.
  11. Air it out-Your house should smell fresh and clean.  Open windows frequently, don’t cook strong smelling foods before prospective buyers come by and deodorize your home.

Remember, that the more effort you put into making your home look like somewhere buyers want to live, the sooner you will sell it and for the highest price. 

11 Ideas To Stage Your House Yourself
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